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Lorenzo Salimbeni (1374-c1418) and Jacopo Salimbeni (c.1370/80-after 1426)

The Salimbeni brothers were born in San Severino Marche in the latter part of the 14th Century and, unlike many other Marche painters, continued to live and work in their home town, travelling no further away than Urbino in the north and the Umbrian towns of Perugia and Norcia to the west.

Their artistic careers spanned a relatively short space of time from the painting of the altarpiece of the Mystical Marriage (Pinacoteca Civica, San Severino) in 1400 to the frescoes of the Crucifixion and Scenes from the Life of St John the Baptist in the Oratory of San Giovanni, Urbino, in 1416.

These final Urbino masterpieces are among the finest examples of what is known as Italian Court Gothic style. The Crucifixion fills the apse of the small oratory, while Scenes from the Life of St John the Baptist cover the entire right wall of the church.

However, the major part of their work is to be found in churches in and around their home town.

The following works can be seen in the Marche:
  • CINGOLI - Church of San Domenico - Crucifixion (fresco removed from the apse, where it had been covered by Lorenzo Lotto's altarpiece).
  • FABRIANO - Oratorio dei Fratelli Becchetti - Allegorical tree with prophets and doctors of the church.
  • PESARO - Museo Civica - Wedding of St Catherine (attributed).
  • SAN GINESIO - (30 km S of Macerata) Collegiate Church crypt - frescoes of the Madonna Enthroned with Child, Martyrdom of S Stephen, St Ginesio playing the lute, Scenes from the life of St Blase and other saint (1406, signed by Lorenzo Salimbeni).
  • SAN SEVERINO MARCHE - (10 km W of Tolentino) Pinacoteca Civica - One room of the museum is dedicated to their work, including a tryptych depicting the Marriage of St Catherine (1400) and a painting of St Lucy as well as frescoes from nearby churches.
  • SAN SEVERINO MARCHE - Duomo Vecchio, first chapel on the left, Scenes from the Life of St John the Evangelist (partially damaged, signed by Lorenzo and Jacopo).
  • SAN SEVERINO MARCHE - Basilica di San Lorenzo in Dolioli - frescoes in the crypt and sacristy, including a Crucifixion, partly covered by plaster, signed by Lorenzo Salimbeni and dated 1407).
  • SAN SEVERINO MARCHE - Church of Santa Maria delle Cerrete - frescoes by Lorenzo Salimbeni.
  • SAN SEVERINO MARCHE - Church of Santa Maria della Misericordia - frescoes by Lorenzo Salimbeni (1404).
  • SAN SEVERINO MARCHE - Church of San Domenico - frescoes including the Life of St Catherine of Alexandria.
  • URBINO - Oratory of San Giovanni - Crucifixion, Madonna in Paradise, Madonna with Child and Saints, Fresco cycle from the Life of St John the Baptist (signed by Lorenzo and Jacopo Salimbeni, dated 8th July 1416).

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